Pro V4.9 TB

The 4.9 manufactured by Tigerbuilder is the best Pro to date! It uses the all new Airoha 1562AE chipset.

It has up to 10Hrs battery life (ANC off), up to 8Hrs (ANC on). The metal hinge is high quality, and is smoother than retail. The ANC has been improved, and is the best in the market.

Optimized Microphone ENC, combined with the best microphone on any replica ever! It has improved Spatial Audio. Supports Bluetooth 5.3, which increases the distance of which you can move away from your phone, while being connected. Furthermore it has “Quick Switching” between two-devices. It also supports easy updates through an Android app, and has MagSafe support.

Original price was: $65.00.Current price is: $50.00.